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Sometimes I HaveTo Stop Thinking

Posted by Ren Rutledge
Ren Rutledge
Ren Rutledge - Supporting and praying for all people called of God with prayer a
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on Thursday, 16 June 2016
in Inspiration

Life can be complicated.  Can I get an AMEN?  People often ask me why I stay so busy, and when I give them my answer, some of my friends do not seem to understand.  I do understand why they do not understand, because I have been there and done that.  When I am not busy in the work Of God, I tend to think too much.

The mind can drive us nuts if we will allow it to just keep thinking.  In fact, while I am thinking of the things that I may decide to write on this blog, so many thoughts are coming at me, I am not sure that I really want to complete this.  It all started with one little thought, and then that thought found a friend that had more friends.  They all came running and brought their friends and friends of friends of friends etc etc etc also invited themselves into my brain.  I did not invite them, but they are here, and all of them are trying to tell me what to write.  So I am just going to do what I know to do right now.   Hold on just a sec... HEY THOUGHTS...  IN THE NAME OF JESUS GET OUT OF MY HEAD RIGHT NOW!!!  Whew!  I feel better now.

Now that the power of the name of Jesus took care of all that nonsense, I want to write some words here that were in my heart when I started writing.  I praise the Lord that it is possible to have the mind of Christ that knows how to do what we cannot do.

When I told those thoughts to go in the name of Jesus, the mind of Christ had been there all the time, but the noise of the crowd was so strong that the still small voice that I depend on could not be heard.

Many years ago I invited this wonderful counselor to come into my life and take charge of anything that tends to distract or confuse me since I had decided to give my life to Jesus and look to him to be my answer for every problem or difficult situation in life.  There had been so many ways to consider before this happened.  I do not know how the thought of giving myself to Jesus was able to find a place in my brain.  A gentle thought softly and tenderly caught my attention and started providing some hope when I did not know which way to turn or what to do.  In the midst of all the noise of strong thoughts shouting, ."... GO THIS WAY, DO THIS, DO THAT, TRY THIS OVER HERE, GO THAT WAY... and on and on and on..."  Suddenly, one small voice was heard. It was not an audible voice, but it was a comforting thought that somehow caught my attention.

When I recall that moment I sometimes  cry with a thankful heart.  If I had not listened to this voice that brought answers and solutions into my life, I most likely would be lost and confused today.

As I read the teachings of Jesus in the Bible, I often see the words, "Think not...Take no thought..."  It is very difficult to stop thinking. Have you every tried to stop thinking?  Jesus made the brain and created the thought process, and I suppose only Jesus has the ability to stop our thoughts.  Sometimes we just have to ask for help from the one that really can help and trust Jesus to know what to do when we are trying to think of what to do in our difficult moments.

We are instructed to put on the mind of Christ.  How can we do that?  Have you ever tried to think with the mind of the mighty God.  This is impossible for any human being, but with Jesus, all things are possible.

When we have the mind of Christ, we do not have to think about how to make things work.  We do not have to reason or question why or why not his way is always the right way.  If we return to allowing our normal thought process to have it's way, we may get of track and find ourselves all tangled up again in the issues of life that cannot be figured out or resolved by our way of thinking.  We are very limited in our ability to fix human errors and problems.  Jesus always knows what to do, and he wants us to look to him with faith.  Jesus wants us to be still and know that he is God.  The Lord wants us to stand and see the salvation of God.  

When people come to me with problems after I have taught them and preached to them for years, I only know one thing to do.  Let Jesus take over.  I learned years ago that I am not a counselor.  I tried it a few times, and before long, I needed somebody to counsel me.  Any answer I think of that does not point them to Jesus is the wrong answer.  

If you are struggling today with difficult things going on in your life, please consider in the midst of all your thoughts this fact... Jesus is available for you, and he is willing to take charge if you desire his help and replace your thoughts with his thoughts and your understanding with his understanding, and your wisdom with his wisdom.

After having done all we know to do, we always learn (sometimes the hard way) that Jesus is the answer.  

When you finish reading this blog, if you find yourself thinking that you have to give this a lot of thought, PLEASE READ IT AGAIN! :)

God loves you, and so do I.  Even if I do not know who, where or what you are, I love you.  You may ask, How can you love me when you don't even know me?  Please do not ask me that question. I may have to think about it, and then I will have to stand up and rebuke my thoughts.  

Try reading words in the bible, and try checking out some of my various video clips on Youtube and Vimeo.  Get involved in discussions with Jesus Name Holy Spirit filled people, and feel free to become my friend on facebook, or follow me on twitter. Join me on linked in, or find me on Google Plus.  No matter what you think, I am determined to point all of my friends toward the one that can solve all the problems and resolve every issue that pops into the human brain.  

Why did I write this blog?  I never thought about that.

I am ending this blog right now. :)

Sometimes I have to stop thinking. 



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