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Posted by Ren Rutledge
Ren Rutledge
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on Thursday, 03 July 2014
in Inspiration

Through the years I have watched people live in defeat while trying to persuade  others to believe that everything is alright.  Publicly they smile and show themselves friendly.  They testify in Church services and shout praises to the Lord as they share the powerful testimonies. When service has ended they go back to the struggles of life, and they manifest doubt, confusion discouragement and pain everywhere they go and in everything they do.  The people at work do not enjoy their company.  If anybody crosses them they are ready fight and argue.  The only thing I know of that can fix this is prayer. Everybody needs to pray every day and call on the Lord with a sincere heart.

I hear people say, "I pray, but nothing seems to change."  The Word of God teaches us that it is the effectual fervent prayers of a righteous person that gets the job done.  We are instructed to pray when we are afflicted, but please remember we are also expected to live right. You may not get the results you are looking for if your life is filled with disgusting sins of this world.  Some folks tend to complain when God does not answer their prayer, so they start blaming God for their problems. God is good, and God is holy.  If you are not getting your desired results, perhaps you may need to examine yourself, and see if there may be a need for some adjustments. 

The Lord will help us to make the necessary adjustments if we ask him to and if we are willing to obey him.  God loves us whether we obey him or not, and we do not earn answers to our prayers, please remember, God is wise, and he know the intents of our hearts. His answer sometimes is held back until the conditions are right and best for will of God to be manifested.

 Be mindful of God always in everything you do.  Look into the Word of God, and humble yourself before the Lord as you find ways to obey his instructions for holy living. Turn you heart, mind and soul over to Jesus, and ask him to fix anything that may be wrong in your life.  Then your prayers will become more effective, and the God that loves you has the wisdom to allow you to be free to make choices that may or may not delay some answers to your prayers.  I have learned that when we get our hearts right with God, praying is no longer a pressure, and we start believing that God will answer. Faith is difficult to have when we are living in lust, greed and all types of evil.  Jesus can fix all that in just one moment of sincere prayer.  As soon as you call on the Lord to help you, and ask God  to take those nasty sins out of your life, get ready for something wonderful to happen.  God is known to rain showers of blessings upon people suddenly, when we become real with the Lord.  

Be ready to pray and stay prayerful at every moment of every day. That is and will always be the best solution for every challenge and every difficult situation that we have to deal with in this complicated world.  The answers we are looking for can be found as we consistently spend time in prayer and praise to the mighty God while we look to the Lord to help us to live a righteous and holy life. 

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