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Posted by Ren Rutledge
Ren Rutledge
Ren Rutledge - Supporting and praying for all people called of God with prayer a
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on Thursday, 10 September 2015
in Inspiration

Are you feeling sad, drained emotionally, almost depressed, nervous, defeated, afraid, or disappointed?

Please consider getting involved in winning the lost to Jesus.  We are looking for people all over this world who are baptized in the name of Jesus and filled with the Holy Ghost and have a love for people.  We have a growing team of HolyGhost filled people and we are looking for you.  We have plans for anybody and everybody who enjoys working with your mobile phones and computers on the internet. 

Please pray and allow the Lord Jesus to touch your heart.  God is calling for a people today in this world where knowledge has increased and people are looking away from the hope that is still in the name of Jesus. 

We are looking to raise up a very large army of people working in harmony and fellowship all over this world.  If you are reading these words right now, God is probably calling you to service for the king.

You can stay where you are, and minister all over the world.  Something big is about to happen, and God is calling for workers in the field which is the entire world.

Please go to the bottom of this page and write in the comment section a note to Ren Rutledge and also be sure to subscribe for the updates.  A new World network of ministries on a mission from God is rising up to win the lost in today's world.   Can you get excited with me and pray about it?  I know that God has an army out there ready and willing to go to the battlefield for the King of Kings.

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