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Hello Friends and Family. A few days ago my daughter, Melode was involved in an accident, and she is presently in very serious condition fighting for her life in the ICU in the state of Oregon. Melodie is a very talented lady and has written many beautiful Christian song. Just before the accident Melodie wanted asked me to make a new batch of CDs that she recorded a few years ago, because many of her friends in Oregon were asking for them. She wanted to give them away as gifts. During our conversations I was made aware of a financial situation that was very critical in her life and wanted me to pray for her as she tried to draw closer to God and seek his will.

While she is fighting to life in ICU with multiple injuries including a a broken pelvic bone, broken Femur at the head (ball) of the femur where it joins the hip and lots of internal bleeding from the stomach.

We are people of faith, and Melodie and she told me before she was placed into a doctor induced coma that she would going to fight her way through this. She also asked me to plese spread the word to praying people that she need prayer.

Through the years Melodie has written many beautiful songs, and her songs are a blessing to all who experience them. Since I know that Melodie has many friends who are very sad about this, but praying from their hearts for her full recovery, I decded to make her CD available and take any and all money collected to her in a few days. This will be a much needed blessing in her life as she spends several months in a health care facility on the mend.

All the songs are written by Melodie. Melody plays all the music on the CD and sings all the vocal parts. At the bottom of this page there is a link where you can click and it will take you to a website where you can make a 10.00 donation to the Apostolic Network through PayPal, and in return you will receive this CD as a gift from the Apostolic Network, and
The Donations will be given as a gift to Melodie.

I plan to be at her side in a few days. I wlll take the names of all those who donate to Melodie when Go to be with her. Melodie has no knowledge that I am doing this.

Here are short samples of the songs on this CD.

To order your CD go to and look for the donation button. You will find a paypal link there where you can make your donation to the Apostolic Network and receive your CD.




PlayStop And Go Now      4.38 Mb
PlayYou Are Real      7.12 Mb
PlayYou Are There      6.06 Mb
PlayForever      5.78 Mb
PlayWe Are A Mighty Army      8.28 Mb
PlayHave You Tried Jesus      6.40 Mb
PlayI Will Praise The Lord      6.20 Mb
PlayDaddy's Taking Me Home      6.99 Mb
PlayDon't Knock It      5.83 Mb
PlayHe'll Provide A Miracle      4.01 Mb
PlayI Found Peace      8.01 Mb
PlayLove's Got A Hold On Me      5.08 Mb
PlayMy Hands Can't Help But Clapping      3.69 Mb
PlayPlease Draw Me Closer      5.08 Mb
PlayThat's Where You're Love Begins      4.66 Mb
PlayYou're My Heart's Desire      5.17 Mb
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