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On Feb. 1, 2011 my weight was 220 pounds. I was tired of being fat and feeling tired all the time. I took my hand out of the bag of cheetos, stood up, stomped my foot, and said, \\\"I am going to lose weight starting now...\\\" The next day I received a call from a friend who did not know about my sudden plan to lose weight. I was introduced to Xyngular products as I started watching what I would eat and started walking a lot and drinking lots of water every day. Today, Aug 17, 2011 my weight is 148 pounds, and I feel better than I have felt in more than 40 years.

On Feb 1, right after I made up my mind to do this I wrote 50 new fat stomper songs including \\\"I WON\\\'T HAVE TO STRUGGLE ANY MORE\\\" I will be adding the other fat stomper songs to this site as I get time to finish recording and uploading them. My goal was set to lose 40 pounds by July 4. On July 4 I had lost 60 pounds.

Thank your lord for helping me, and thank you Xyngular for having these wonderful products that I came to really love. That Xyng energy capsule really helped each day as I felt strong and full of energy all day long after taking one xyng capsule each morning. I plan to settle down and maintain my weight at 145, and as soon as I lose these three more pounds I hope to buy new cloths and start enjoying my new life as a person with good energy and a strong body that can run up the stairs now after years of having to pull myself up by the hand rails slowly as I would have to stop and breath several times before I made it to the top. I am praying about making myself available for a few revival meetings for some of my friends. If you are interested please pray about it and give me a call. 860-823-1953. I have been here in Norwich winning souls and establishing Norwich Tabernacle and this web ministry for 26 years and I feel like preaching singing and shouting all over the world right now. Call me while I am excited.

If anybody else out there is having a struggle with weight and feel that you would perhaps like to try to do what I have done, please contact me... ... I will be happy to share the details with you of each step I have taken since Feb. 1. . I have never considered this to be a diet. This has been a change of life, and I feel that I have possible prolonged my life and avoided some things that may have caused me some major health problems in the near future. At 66 years of age I feel that I have been born again again. Copy and paste this link to your browser if you would like to check out these Xyngular products. I am so sold on these products that I plan to represent the company and make them available to all my friends who may be needing help. Before you complain about the price of the products, please consider how much paid to get fat. I spent thousands of dollars to get fat, and only a small fraction of that amount to get that fat devil out of my life.

God bless
Ren Rutledge




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