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PlayA Time Tears Are Not Unacceptable      12.36 Mb
PlayBehold The Lamb Of God      13.19 Mb
PlayBoldness Carl Shurte 1985      10.81 Mb
PlayGod's Plan For The Church Carl Shurte 1983      14.83 Mb
PlayGod's Love For His People Carl Shurte 1982      10.82 Mb
PlayHe Restoreth My Soul Carl Shurte 1982 Tape 1      13.80 Mb
PlayMinistry Of The Saints      14.70 Mb
PlayNever Too Late To Come Back      5.09 Mb
PlayYesterday Is Here      13.35 Mb
PlayA Double Portion Carl Shurte 1982      17.04 Mb
PlayA Revival And A Falling Away      10.37 Mb
PlayA Sure Covenant      9.56 Mb
PlayA New Place With God      9.11 Mb
PlayWith Great Power      15.01 Mb
PlayDemons In The Guest Room       6.95 Mb
PlayDiscouragement      10.76 Mb
Playdont_kill_the_baby      1.81 Mb
PlayEsther      5.65 Mb
PlayGive Thanks       10.24 Mb
PlayGod Handles The Impossible      9.26 Mb
PlayHide And Seek Carl       12.73 Mb
PlayKeep Running The Race      6.56 Mb
PlayMany Instructors Few Fathers       11.77 Mb
Playput_down_your_will      12.79 Mb
PlayThe Witness And The Record       10.94 Mb
PlayWe Never Get Enough      6.88 Mb
PlayWhen God Becomes Offended      7.11 Mb
PlayYou Must Be Committed      15.65 Mb
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