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PlayFor The Joy Set Before Him      14.86 Mb
PlayOutstanding Testimony      9.14 Mb
PlayThat I Might Win Some      6.57 Mb
PlayThe Church Of Christ      7.09 Mb
PlayThe Day Of The Lord      7.85 Mb
PlayThe Great Teacher      6.68 Mb
PlayThe Secret Place      4.80 Mb
PlayTruth Cuts And Heals      20.75 Mb
PlayYou And Everyone Of You      16.80 Mb
PlayAlmost Everything Changes      17.07 Mb
PlayGodliness      12.69 Mb
PlayHave A Good Day      11.74 Mb
PlayTake Heed That No Man Deceive You      7.59 Mb
PlayThank God For Mercy      12.90 Mb
PlayThat's A Big Ten Four      14.10 Mb
PlayThe Church      7.03 Mb
PlayThe Cry Of A Desperate Heart Ren Rutledge      8.41 Mb
PlayThe Faith Of Jesus Christ      14.49 Mb
PlayThe Foundation      10.55 Mb
PlayThe Glory Revealed Within Us Ren Rutledge      7.13 Mb
Playthe gospel of the kingdom ren rutledge      8.50 Mb
PlayThe House Of The Lord Ren Rutledge 081706      11.54 Mb
PlayThe Killer Church      14.01 Mb
PlayThe Kingdom Of God      7.48 Mb
PlayThe Knowledge Of God      11.49 Mb
PlayThe Name Of Jesus      12.02 Mb
PlayThe Open Door      4.20 Mb
PlayThe Outstreched Arm      1.76 Mb
PlayRevelation      17.59 Mb
PlayThe Trial Of Your Faith Ren Rutledge 1980      6.71 Mb
PlayThe Trying Of Your Faith Ren Rutledge      7.31 Mb
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